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My name is Manel. I consider myself as a beginner cartoonist although I’m getting closed to the fifties…

I have always drawn, but because one of the turns that my head do, I graduated in Computer Science. For the moment, I pay the bills with projects, powerpoints, excels and similar things. Don’t scoff at my please…

I used to colaborate in Manre.s.a magazine, newspaper Regio 7, number 3 of the fanzine weezine, comicbook comic 21, and at “Setmanari La directa”. Also in some books like “Fins als borbons” , “La gran fàbrica d’independentistes” and “El procés?, narinan, narinan…”.

Nowadays I colaborate with “El Web Negre”, and Amaniaco.

I edited myself the book “Andrea Down, gelat d’ous ferrats”, funded with a crowdfounding project at Verkami.

You can find me in twitter (@lahormigaseca) or instragram (lahormigaseca), email me on lahormigaseca@gmail, visit my shop or my blog, and also check my profile in tebeosfera.

Thanks for reading!

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